Alarms, Extinguishers & More

Modern homes are built to burn hotter and faster than in the past.  The use of plastics, foams and adhesives in today’s construction not only creates more intense heat, but adds a witches’ brew of fumes and gases to the toxic environment inside a closed compartment.  The American Red Cross estimates that once a fire starts in your home, you may have just two minutes to escape.

Homeowners guide house

Having a working smoke alarm and CO alarm is vital for that reason, as well as an escape plan mapped out in advance.  The diagram above show recommended locations for alarms and extinguishers.  Be sure to keep extinguishers up-to-date.  Life expectancy for a non-rechargeable device averages seven years.

Visit the American Red Cross for a complete list of home safety tips, from maintaining working alarms to how and when to employ a fire extinguisher.