Burn Permits

Santa Fe County Burn Permits are required for open burns, including irrigation/drainage ditch cleaning, sweat lodge and ceremonial fires, open pit barbecues, slash piles, crop and fallow field management, and bonfires.

Open burning of rubbish containing paper products is prohibited.  A garden hose or extinguisher must be on hand at burn sites.  Adults must be present to supervise burns, and burns must be conducted at least 50 feet away from structures or other combustible materials.   Burns are permissible depending on wind and drought conditions that may apply.

hondostationoneAll burns must be cleared with the Santa Fe County Regional Emergency Communications Center (505-428-3730 or 800-742-1144) each day prior to the approved burn to insure that no burn restrictions are in place.

Permits and complete regulations are available at Hondo Station One.  Once issued, your permit is good for twelve months.  Please drop by 21 Seton Village Road on Saturday morning between 8:00 am and 9:30 am to request a permit.