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 Author, Author!  Ride along with Hondo volunteer Gary Kowalski on his trip from rookie to certified Firefighter as told in his new book Old Men and Fire: Parables from a Volunteer Firehouse.  You’ll learn that being an emergency responder means more than driving a big red truck.  It involves facing fear, grief and trauma, but also offers glimpses of altruism, generosity and courage that characterize people at their finest.  Now available from Amazon in both paperback and Kindle format, with all proceeds going  to benefit Hondo Volunteer Fire & Rescue.  

Gary brings an eloquent voice to the rough and tumble world of firefighting. In his short book he incorporates a personal perspective along with historical and current accounts of the evolving and dangerous work firefighting and rescue entails. This “job description,” in my humble opinion (as a retired fire captain/paramedic/training officer), is one of the best ever written.   J.C. Corcoran