This question is asked many times over: Why be a volunteer fire fighter? Why would anyone go through hours of training every year? Why would a person give up virtually every Tuesday night and essentially every other Saturday morning to learn and practice skills that have no use in their business, trade or profession? Why would anyone willingly rush into a dangerous and potentially deadly situation to assist a person or a family that they do not even know? Why would anyone willingly leave a warm bed in the middle of a cold night to go out on the Interstate or up into the mountains to pry a perfect stranger out of the twisted wreckage of their car? Why would anyone leave the table during a holiday dinner to venture into the home of a sick child or injured person to assist them in their hour of need?

These are all good questions, and each of us in the Hondo Fire Department would probably give you a different answer. Some wish to “give back.” Some feel they owe it to their family and their community. Some of us might recall that years ago someone helped them and they are repaying that favor. Some just feel compelled to help others. A few might tell you it’s a challenge and it’s fun. Some would say they volunteer because of the friendships that develop from finding yourself in a stressful situation and having to rely on each other. Some would only admit that someone needs to do it and it might as well be them. The real question that ought to be asked by everyone in our community is what would you do if the volunteers did not volunteer? Would you consider joining the ranks of the volunteers? Why not?

-Paul Kelly, FF/EMP-B    Paul Kelly

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