Planned Giving

Many people want their lives to make a difference and leave the world a better place.  

For those fortunate enough to bequeath their assets to coming generations, an estate plan is a reflection of this desire to have a an impact that lasts beyond one’s own lifetime.

A gift to Hondo Volunteer Fire and Rescue in your will or revocable trust is a way of making a daily difference in the lives of your surviving family members, your neighbors and your community after you are gone.

A bequest:

  • is simple,
  • will not affect your investments, savings or current income,
  • can be altered at any time should your circumstances change.

How it works:

  • Include a gift to Hondo Volunteer Fire & Rescue in your will or trust, or name Hondo Volunteer Fire & Rescue as the beneficiary of an existing IRA.
  • Specify how you want your bequest to be used, or preferably leave it unrestricted, allowing the department to decide how to best prioritize these resources.
  • Indicate either a dollar amount you wish to bequeath, or some percentage of the assets remaining in your estate.


Our Chief will be happy to talk with you about the department’s current needs and future plans, to assure you that your legacy gift will be used wisely.  Consult your attorney or financial planner to determine what makes sense for you.   Thank you for your generosity.