Hondo Fire and Rescue

 Your Neighbors: Volunteers and First Responders

Hondo Fire and Rescue serves the Arroyo Hondo and Canada Village areas of Santa Fe County.  Although we are volunteers, we respond with professionalism to all hazards and perform a wide range of protective services. We are trained and equipped for structure and wildland firefighting, vehicle extrication, swift-water rescue, low and high angle rescue, and emergency medical services.

Hondo Fire District

Hondo Fire District

Hondo is one of 15 fire districts within Santa Fe County. The Santa Fe County firedistricts are divided into four regions: North, South, East and West. Hondo is in the Eastern Region along with El Dorado, Galisteo and Glorieta. We serve our district out of two stations, one on Seton Village Road and one at the intersection of the Old Las Vegas Highway and US285.  Hondo’s district covers approximately 120 square miles and contains approximately 3000 homes. The population within the district is rapidly growing. This trend in population growth is followed by an increase in call volume. For example, in 1994 the department responded to 271 calls while in 2017 the department responded to 550 calls, the majority of them medical.

These services might not otherwise be available to our community if we did not volunteer.

Our current membership consists of approximately 20 individuals ranging from 21 to 60+ years old. We are stockbrokers, teachers, administrators, scientists and students. All of us have lives, jobs, and families along with our department duties. We donate our time and energy towards something we feel is very worthwhile. The satisfaction we feel in providing fire protection and emergency medical services is our personal reward.

In addition to emergency services, we are proud to have an outstanding auxiliary. Our auxiliary members provide department-wide support and assistance both on-scene and off. They are responsible for planning our annual fundraising drive, 4th of July picnic, roadside cleanup project, ordering and stocking of department supplies, and support services while on a fire scene.

If you are interested in joining our ranks, please click here to learn more.